For wholesale customers

Jewelry company Vavilon carries out the wholesale supplies of items made of gold. A wide range of jewelry manufactured by the company is available. Following the modern trends, we sell original uncommon high-quality items at affordable wholesale prices.

The majority of items in our catalogue are jewelry pieces made of 14 carat gold and sterling silver. We offer a vast choice of rings, pendants, neck chains, bracelets, and earrings. Some of them are modest inexpensive models with no gemstones, while others are set with semi-precious stones, such as topaz, garnets, chrysolites and others.

All models can be made of either gold or silver. Moreover, you can always find here items made of red or white gold as well as those made of red and white gold combination.

Despite the rather wide range of prices, we place the main emphasis on the medium-tier products. The final price depends on the metal purity and the finished item mass, presence or absence of precious and semi-precious stones, workmanship complexity, and the model originality.

Are you looking for a reliable supplier? Welcome to Vavilon. We are looking forward to the fruitful cooperation.